Type-driven Programming

One of the greatest strengths of OCaml is its powerful static type system. The OCaml compiler is able to automatically detect a large class of bugs, allowing the developer to fix the problems before releasing a usable software. Programs can be trusted, without losing efficiency. Moreover, the compiler performs a lot of analysis at compile-time, sparing costly checks by the language runtime when the program runs. That is why OCaml programs are highly optimized and can even be faster than equivalent C programs, while being much safer!

Industrial Users

OCaml industrial users include major software companies such as Microsoft or Citrix, financial companies such Jane Street Capital or SimCorp and critical software companies such as CEA or Dassault System.

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Industrial users of OCaml have documented the reasons they use OCaml and how they use it. These resources can be useful for companies who consider using OCaml in their production environment.

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