Typerex Pro

TypeRex-Pro is a simple annual subscription for OCaml professionnal developers to get direct access to OCamlPro’s expertise, support and additional ressources, with no long-term commitment nor lock-in.

Develop in the Best Environment

To develop the best software, it is important to be in the best environment, surrounded by experts of all the technologies you are using. That’s what the TypeRex-Pro subscription provides: direct access to the knowledge and ressources of OCamlPro’s experts. You won’t find them often on OCaml mailing-lists, they are too busy developing new tools and libraries, but for TypeRex-Pro, they committed themselves to reply to your questions within one day!

OCamlPro’s experience is broad: they have written in OCaml highly-scalable distributed software, code and data analyzers, web and mobile applications, among other domain specific applications, in many different fields and environments.

You will also join our mailing-list for professional OCaml developers, to share your experience and benefit from other’s professional expertise in writing and deploying OCaml software.

Support the OCaml Open-Source Ecosystem

OCamlPro is investing a lot of time in the development of OCaml (we have members of the core team among us, and submit many patches for inclusion every year), open-source tools for OCaml (OPAM, TypeRex, etc.) and online tools to learn OCaml (Try-OCaml, Cheat Sheets, etc.).

The TypeRex-Pro program is one of the best ways to fund all these developments: you benefit from our support, and the community benefits from our developments !

Open-Source Developer Your Team Enterprise
TypeRex Tools
(OPAM, ocp-indent, etc.)
TypeRex Libraries
(ocplib-endian, etc.)
Technical Support
(OCamlPro’s experts)
4h 20h unlimited
OCamlPro Open-Source Supporter
Dev. Priority
(bug fixes, features)
Software Preview
(alpha releases)
Multiple Registered Accounts
Open-Source Roadmap
(new tools/libs)
Price/year Free 1 000 € 5 000 € starting at 15 000 €

Contact us

To find out more what our services can do for your project, please contact an OCamlPro representative at sales@ocamlpro.com.


TypeRex is a set of open-source software, tools (OPAM, ocp-indent, ocp-build, etc.) and libraries (ocplib-endian, etc.), that are developed and maintained by OCamlPro. With TypeRex Pro, our experts can help you to integrate all this software in your development environment, and to understand their advanced, sometimes not-yet-documented, features.

Technical Support

This is the heart of TypeRex-Pro: get direct access to the programmers who are developing and maintaining the tools and libraries that you are using, OCaml, OPAM, TypeRex, etc. They can help you better than anybody to boost the productivity of your team.

You will also get access to a knowledge base, containing the public questions of other TypeRex-Pro members, and the documented replies of OCamlPro’s experts.

OCamlPro Open-Source Supporter

Your name and logo will be listed as part of the OCamlPro Open-Source supporters. It is both a reward for funding OCaml Open-Source Ecosystem, and a way to make your presence in the OCaml community visible. You will also get access to the mailing-list of our supporters, a selective club of experts in OCaml !

Priority in Developments

With TypeRex-Pro, you can warn us that you submitted a bug report or a feature request on either OCaml’s bug tracker, or the bug tracker of one of our open-source software, so that we can focus our developments on a problem that is critical for you.

Software Preview

OCamlPro is developing a lot of OCaml software. We have many small tools and libraries, that are already very useful, but that we have not yet released publicly. With Typerex-Pro, you can get access to our software, you can test it, and help us release the ones that you like the most.

Open-Source Roadmap

With TypeRex-Pro, you can also get the opportunity to discuss with us of which tools and libraries should be developed for OCaml.